Chelsee's speech

Chelsee Corder
2012 Youth of the Year
The Boys & Girls Club sparked my independence because they were the first to provide me with the opportunity to get a job, and they have shown me so much love through the process.  I have been attendint the Boys & Girls Club for 10 years and it is like a second home to me.  Whenever thre is a way and an opportunity for me to be there, I am there.  Honestly, the Club has helped me become a better person because when I leave school and I am at the Boys & Girls Club, I am not on the streets being tempted by what they have to offer.  I also believe that the Boys & Girls Club is a safe haven for the other members too.  It is truly an environment where great futures can start for many of our community's youth.  They Club is not only a place for kids to be good, but it is a place for them to be great.  When I am at the Boys & Girls Club I feel so welcomed.  The staff are very friendly and the Club is well organized and clean.  I have been able to develop positive relationships with both the staff and members.  When I am there I make sure that I act responsible and set a good example as a role model should because I know when I was little the staff and older members influenced me greatly.  I would love to have the same impact on kids around me.  I look up to Ms. Ginny, Mr. Derek, Mr. Alden, Ms. Lauren, and so many more people at the Boys & Girls Club.  I have those people to thank for helping me grow up into the young adult that I am becoming.  In other words, the Boys & Girls Club has been more to me than just a place to come after school; it is a home.  I have made friendships here that will last forever.  I have great memories here that will never fade, and I have great love for the Boys & Girls Club that has had such an impact on the positive outcome on my life.  Thank you Boys & Girls Club fornot only making me a better person, but a GREAT person.