Our results are remarkable - our children excel in school, extracurricular activities and their personal lives because of the stability, personal attention and special programs the Clubs provide.
Measurable Outcomes (National Statistics)
  • Club members graduate from high school at a rate of 87%, compared to the national average of 66%.
  • Club members finish college at a rate of 25%, far exceeding the national average of 16%.
  • Club members show an average improvement of 12% in their grades at school.
  • In Club neighborhoods, incidences of substance abuse arrests are cut by as much as 50%.
  • 84% of Club members have learned about drug and alcohol prevention through Club programs, such as SMART Moves, which educates members about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, premature sexual activity and gang involvement.
  • Of at-risk youth referred to Clubs, 94% have no further encounter with the law.
  • More than 57% of Club alumni surveyed said that the Club saved their lives.
Success Stories

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