Academic Success


Academic Success  

BE Educated

We encourage our youth to BE EDUCATED for a GREAT future.  Our programs foster life-long learners by supporting academic success today, setting higher college and career goals for tomorrow and providing access to tools and technology that prepare them for the 21st century.  We also encourage our youth to develop their creativity and cultral awareness through knowledge and appreciation of arts through programs, opportunities and new technology.

Education & Career Development  

·        Literacy, Math & Science Skills  

·        Tutoring and Homework Assistance  

·        College & Career Preparation  

·        Learning Centers, Computer Labs & Technology Curriculum  


Arts & Cultural Enrichment  

·        Fine Arts  

·        Digital Arts & Photography  

·        Creative Writing  

·        Cultural Appreciation  

·        Fine Arts Room, Art Materials, Contests and more  

·        Field Trips and Art History Learning Opportunities
Invest in BGCRC programs that foster academic success, healthy living and character and leadership development.  Your support will change the FUTURE.